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Gender identities
and stereotypes

Teatro del Parco – Parco Bissuola, Mestre VE

Our popular culture is full of the so-called gender stereotypes, which strongly contribute to our gender identity formation.

How were these stereotypes established?

Which bias do they refer to?

And more importantly: do these convictions have biological or cultural basis?

How much do genetic traits and external influences weigh on our gender identity formation?

During the event TEDxVenezia Women we analyzed how prejudices or gender bias work and how they influence our identity. Furthermore, we tried to find out whether these beliefs have biological or cultural foundations.

We carried out these tasks in two different phases:

  • morning workshops
    We selected some activities and experts from all over Italy in order to offer both an educational and an interactive experience to our audience.
  • afternoon talks
    Two moments of great value: a talk based on numbers and trends provided by IPSOS and a real conference on gender stereotypes and identities performed by three experts in this field.

Our aim was to provide tools to help everybody move amidst inherited and constructed influencesand define their own identity.

TEDxVenice Women event was a first step towards the search for the Right Balance, which is the central theme of the Main Event in April 2024. We are organizing debates,, stage performances and interactive workshops to get you involved and provide tools for your guidance in the complexity of our time.


themed workshops


attendees to the workshops


spectators at the conference

morning workshops


with Carola Minincleri Colussi
When a body moves in space, under attentive and prejudice-free eyes, it opens up to tell its story, memory, dreams, needs, desires and abilities. During our workshop you will assist to performative practices inspired by the work “La Voce”. This will be an opportunity for you to become aware of acquired habits, impactful stereotypes, and beliefs that distance us from the perception of our authentic soul, which emerges from deep within ourselves. This process brings energy back to the movements and to the actions on stage.


with Antonella Liccardo and Angela Gargano
“Language is not neutral, but can spread and consolidate “.
Here we put the language, the words, into play, exploring together how they shape our social visions.
LEOLAB is a board game on gender stereotypes and role models conceived by the university Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II. In this workshop we play with words to find out their denotations and connotations. This way we can become aware of their true meanings and promote an alternative narration of the reality.
Obiettivo del gioco? Individuare e destrutturare tali stereotipi attraverso una riflessione collettiva sull’uso della lingua.

GENDERISING: identifying discriminations/stereotypes in mental health

with Lorenza Pastore
Let’s discover mental health shades from a gender perspective! Why are men more likely to express anger and women sadness and fear? what are the implications of gender, gender identity and sexual orientation discriminations on our mental health? And why do women suffer more from depression? This is an opportunity to break stereotypes and change our vision both of our mental wellbeing and of others’. Do not miss this moment of reflection and awareness!


with Mary Adorno
Advertising, publishing and entertainment. How is the female figure represented? She becomes part of a ‘popular jury’ which will judge the stereotyped representations of women in communication. Speaker Mary Adorno will help us identify stereotype signals and overcome them trough a critical examination. She will also provide the audience with new useful cultural tools to free themselves and oppose to the stereotyped female representation.


with Francesca Parviero and Elena Santambrogio
In this workshop we will train to identify and overcome together the conditionings that men and women live in the professional field. We will understand the importance of using new mindsets and seeking a leadership model that takes into account the feelings that are historically ascribed to the feminine gender. Furthermore, we will explore deeply the Designing Your Life certified tools and methodologies and train our minds with debates to increase our awareness on gender discrimination in working fields and life planning.


with Alkemy
Let’s join Alkemy to explore the phenomenon of gender stereotypes in Artificial intelligence Models: this practical workshop will be focused on change and awareness! We will discover that even cutting-edge AI models are not indeed immune from learning ad reproducing stereotypes. To this end we will understand together the difference between Large Language Models that are trained to mitigate this ‘stereotypes infiltration’ and those who are not.


by Femminismi Contemporanei
“Feminism is a dangerous ideology, a superficial label, it is the opposite of masculinism”. “Feminists hate men, burn bras, are exaggerated, radical, annoying, indecent”. This is the stereotyped picture of feminism and feminists in the eyes of who does not know feminism. But what is feminism, really? What do feminists truly do? In this workshop we will go beyond prejudices to get to know the ideas that lie at the heart of feminist activism thought and practices.


with Alvaro Gafaro
Bias, Language and Behaviour. It is time for us men to actively promote an equal culture. Let’s discover how unconscious biases influence our choices and limit our freedom. Let’s learn together to build a culture of mutual respect in which women, men and all individuals can live at best. A unique opportunity to put yourself in someone else’s shoes without ifs and buts.

afternoon talks


Gender Gap: the numbers speak

A special talk by IPSOS, performed by Nicoletta Vaira, from Ipsos Qualitative Research team. Thanks to her great global expertise, she revealed the numbers and trends that define the Gender Gap.


Gender Identities and Stereotypes

We listened to the eminent opinions of Emmanuele Jannini, Alessia Dulbecco and Ilaria Gaspari on the Gender Stereotypes topic.

> Clear terminology

We defined fundamental concepts such as gender, sex and gender identity.

>Stereotypes origins

Understanding if gender stereotypes have biological or cultural basis was very interesting.

> Gender fluidity

We explored gender fluidity and transgender identity.

We like to think that our events leave a mark. But not all marks have necessarily to be left.
For this reason,

TEDxVenezia Women 2023 was Carbon Neutral event..

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