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Amplify Your Voice

We are open to collaborations of various types and sizes. Whether you are a company, an institution, an organization or an individual, there is room for everyone in our network



A first step towards what you believe in

We are looking for pioneers who want to be part of a community, partners who share our passion for innovation, knowledge sharing and positive change.
together we can open new routes and inspire change.



Partners who love Beauty: true patrons of art and culture

TedxVenezia is a celebration of the art, culture and ideas that change the world. What makes this event extraordinary is the passionate support of our partners, true patrons of beauty and innovation.
Become part of a movement that celebrates creative expression, together we can realise projects that change and enrich our community



The loving partners: They put their heart into what they do.

Join a community of partners who share your passion and dedication,
If you put your heart into what you do, if you believe in the importance of inspiring others and if you want to be part of a movement that drives innovation with passion, then you are the kind of partner we are looking for



The leading partners

Our Leader Partners are more than just supporters; they are the real protagonists of our mission. They guide the community with vision and commitment, acting as fundamental pillars in promoting ideas that deserve to be spread.
If you share our passion for spreading extraordinary ideas and wish to play a central role in our mission, we invite you to explore opportunities for leading partnerships. Together, we can build a future where ideas have the power to transform the world.



Inspirers and Innovators

Through their support, they enable us to create events that not only share ideas but turn visions into reality. Their inspiration spreads throughout the community, sparking meaningful conversations and channeling energies towards positive change.
They share our vision of a world shaped by extraordinary ideas and aspire to be a beacon of change and inspiration. We invite you to explore the opportunities of becoming a Main Partner of TEDxVenezia. Together, we can continue to transform the world through the power of ideas worth spreading.

The official partner team of TEDxVenezia

Here are the friends of TEDxVenezia. What are you waiting for to join?

Main Partner
Media Partner
Technical Partner