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Put yourself in the game

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A worldwide brand name

In an ultra-connected world, everyone knows about TED Conferences. From Vancouver to Melbourne, the entire planet is pulled together by the power of spreading ideas, visions and hopes. When you are part of TEDxVenice you are not just joining in creating a small conference, you are contributing to the establishment of one of the most renowned capitals in this worldwide network of knowledge.

Your skills in the spotlight

Do you have a passion for organizing events? Can you take photos and shoot videos? Are you skilled in graphics or are you immersed in social media and public relations from morning till night? Our teams are made up of volunteer professionals, ready to contribute their skills to a common goal. Working together is truly a great opportunity for growth.

Even (your) little help matters

Do you not feel like a PRO at something or do you only have very limited time to spend on it but would you still like to be part of the TEDxVenezia world? Sign up as a Community Member! You'll be our right (and left) hand to set up, deal with logistics and everything else that needs to be done during the event.

It's time to join something important. It's time to be part of TEDxVenezia!

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