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Terminal 103 / Tronchetto - VENICE - April 14th 2024

TEDx arrives in Venice for the first time with ‘Balancing Act’, an event that draws inspiration from the city itself: Venice, whose iconic beauty floats on fragile balances - between land and water, inhabitants and tourists, craftsmanship and standardisation.

L’evento è stato ospite nella città riconosciuta dalla storia come simbolo di grandi esplorazioni, geografiche e intellettuali. Insieme, attraverso laboratori, workshop, esperienze e con l’aiuto di speaker e performer abbiamo approfondito l’appassionante ricerca contemporanea dell’balance.

We live in an ever-changing world, with plenty of hard changes and challenges. Thus, we must be very agile and flexible. We’re facing an abundance of information, a difficult distinction between true and false and an increasing division in our global society. ‘Balancing Act’ aims at finding the key for both an individual and a collective balance in this dynamic environment. In a world where collective values are constantly questioned, this event aims at identifying new essential balances in the framework of challenges such as the technological progress, the ethical dilemmas, the management of limited resources and the pressure to maximize productivity at the expense of the individual wellbeing.

‘Balancing Act’, as a journey of research and discovery, gives you the opportunity to reflect upon the meaning of ‘a reasonable balance’ in current times, providing keys to face the complexity of our era.

“Balancing Act” è stato uno straordinario viaggio di esplorazione verso una giusta misura nel mondo in rapida evoluzione. Ne usciamo più consapevoli e pronti/e ad affrontare insieme le dinamiche sfide del nostro tempo, cercando ogni giorno nuovi equilibri significativi.

Programme of the day


Workshop & Lab

È stata una mattinata dinamica e stimolante, progettata per scatenare la curiosità, il dialogo e la scoperta. Abbiamo curato meticolosamente una selezione di attività, workshop e laboratori, per offrire ai partecipanti un’esperienza coinvolgente ed interattiva.

Ogni sessione è stata pensata non solo per trasferire conoscenze, ma per essere un viaggio alla scoperta di un equilibrio sostenibile tra tecnologia, ambiente e umanità. Attraverso tematiche diverse, i nostri esperti ed esperte hanno guidato esplorazioni che sfidano il pensiero convenzionale e ispirano azioni per un futuro equo e sostenibile.

Conversation about Venice and craftsmanship

Venice: new balancing for the town

with Venice Original

Venice, a city poised between water and land, artifice and nature, permanence and transience, past and future, is the most fitting metaphor to symbolize the balance to be sought in every sphere of life, not least in craftsmanship. Renowned for its historical, cultural, and industrial-technological heritage, rooted in centuries of craftsmanship, Venice, facing global ethical, environmental, human, and economic challenges, is in search of a point of equilibrium between tradition preservation and innovation development. The city's artisans exemplify this practice of resilience, confronting the complexities of modernity, weaving threads of the future into the fabric of a historical heritage with inherent beauty.
Hanno partecipato:
Gloria Rogliani - A.S.D. GLORIA ROGLIANI - Istituto Turistico Sportivo Marinelli Fonte: Campionessa veneziana di voga alla veneta dal 1986, si impegna nel dare la possibilità a centinaia di bambini e adulti di coniugare lo sport con l'educazione alla cultura e al territorio lagunare.
Ludovica Zane - Laguna FLA: ha 18 anni ed è la merlettaia più giovane di Burano. Si dedica alla realizzazione di merletti accessibili, dai disegni contemporanei e dai materiali non convenzionali.
Cosima Montavoci - Sunset Yogurt: laureata alla Gerrit Rietveld Academie, ha fondato il brand di sculture e installazioni "Sunset Yogurt" unendo il corpo umano ed il vetro di Murano.
Fosca Parisi - Atelier23: Sarta veneziana, proprietaria dell'unico atelier artigianale per abiti da sposa a Venezia, che propone una moda lenta, consapevole e sensibile.
Piero Dri - Il Forcolaio Matto - El Fèlze: quarto e più giovane remèr di Venezia. Realizza remi e forcole soprattutto per i gondolieri, i regatanti e le remiere, ma anche per tutti coloro che ne sanno apprezzare l’elegante design.
Active lab

Get back your time

with New GenerA(c)tions!

A performative theatrical workshop to explore the states of anxiety and impatience of a Generation Z constantly bombarded by the contents of the world. A journey of mutual understanding that will encourage participants to take a stand on certain themes and then together find a balance of ideas through the deconstruction of thoughts and the sharing of an experience.
Tai Ji Quan Lab

The balance between mind and body

con Centro Culturale Estrada

Una disciplina psicofisica ritenuta essenziale nella sagezza taoista della antica Cina è il Tai Ki Kung, più conosciuta in occidente come il Tai Chi Chuan (anche scritto Tai Ji Quan) caratterizzata della ricerca dell' equilibrio ed armonia fra mente e corpo, come mezzo di auto miglioramento e realizzazione personale.
Computer recovery workshop

Put in (re)cycle your tech with Trashware!

with Officina Informatica Mira

Un laboratorio interattivo e divertente per imparare come i componenti di vecchi computer possono avere ancora una seconda possibilità e trasformarsi in uno spunto per trovare l'equilibrio tra la corsa all'ultimo ritrovato tecnologico e lo spreco insostenibile di risorse utili al pianeta. Dopo una parte teorica sui processi di rigenerazione di un computer usato, ogni partecipante potrà cimentarsi nel disassemblaggio e rimontaggio di un computer desktop.
Laboratorio di Yoga dinamico

Yoga to find balance

with Fondamenta Yoga Studio

Sometimes we lose touch with our deepest self: this vinyasa yoga flow workshop will bring us back to listening to our emotions through a "hug". The hug is a gesture of understanding and kindness, teaching us to love without judgment, to console and reassure with tenderness! Find your balance with this sequence of positions (Asanas) in coordination with the slow and deep rhythm of breath.
Conversation on health and nutrition

Health and food: a necessary balance

with Alì Supermercati

A discussion on the quest for balance in nutrition: a journey between mind and body, personal approaches, perspectives, and experiences. You can actively engage in the conversation by sharing your opinion or asking questions in the TED talk style to generate new ideas, perspectives, and viewpoints. At the end of the meeting, there will be a brief guided experience of mindful eating.
All'incontro parteciperanno:
Silvia Siega: Biologo Nutrizionista. Laureata in scienze del Farmaco, in Scienze della Nutrizione umana. Master II livello in Nutrizione Vegana e Vegetariana, Specializzata in nutrizione Sportiva. In formazione presso la Scuola "Ski" di Kinesiologia sistematica certificata ETSIA.
Luna Pagnin (Spazio Lunare): Personal trainer specializzata nell’allenamento al femminile, Dottoressa in Biologia, laureanda in scienze della nutrizione e attivista per i Disturbi alimentari sui social.
Elena Mondello (Food for Mind): Food For Mind è una rete formata da diversi centri nazionali specializzata nella cura dei disturbi del comportamento alimentare con sedi in tutta Italia, tra cui Venezia Mestre.
Circus lab

Unbalance yourself!

with CircoVolante

In the circus, the art of balancing is a continuous quest for stability in a precarious situation, maintained by a series of almost imperceptible movements, the result of patient and continuous exercise of body and mind. This practical workshop aims to be a sensory experience, an exploration of oneself, through playing with the subtle boundary between balance and imbalance.
Guided wine tasting

The dynamics of wine balance

with Slow Wine

The concept of balance in wine is one of the fundamental elements of tasting: a balanced wine in educational terms is a harmonious wine, the sum of several evaluation elements.
There is another way to understand balance, not as a fitting together of repetitive elements, but as a dynamic flow, we could say kinesthetic, where the elements to consider vary depending on the type of wine, in a dynamic balance.
In this workshop, through tasting three wines, we will discover it.
Guided meditation

The art of Yoga breathing

with Fondamenta Yoga Studio

Una meditazione guidata che porterà a costruire un luogo immaginario perfetto nei minimi particolari, dai profumi ai suoni, dai colori agli oggetti: un luogo interiore sicuro, dove poter trovare rifugio nel silenzio e meditare. Un laboratorio per riflettere, trovare spazio, ripristinare l'armonia ed imparare a costruirsi uno spazio di equilibrio a cui poter ritornare ogni volta che ne avrai la necessità.
Experience in the historic Orsoni Venezia 1888 furnace

Journey into colours

with Orsoni Venezia 1888

An exclusive visit to the Orsoni workshops, the last historic furnace in Venice that has been using the same methods since 1888 to produce 24K gold leaf mosaics, colored gold, and Venetian enamels. A moment of discovery and sharing to explore together the theme of craftsmanship, know-how, and work, which especially in Venice today urgently needs to find balance, meaning, and equilibrium.
Rowing experience

Finding our balance while rowing

with Pink Lioness in Venice

An experience of rowing through the waters of the city alongside the Pink Lioness: a group of extraordinary women who, through rowing for rehabilitative purposes, raise awareness about the fight against and prevention of breast cancer. The Lionesses will guide you through rowing exercises, promoting coordination, synchronization, and balance on the water, all within the splendid backdrop of the world's most beautiful city.

Balancing Act conference

La conferenza del pomeriggio di TEDxVenezia, con i suoi talk e performance, ci ha permesso un'immersione ulteriore nel tema di quest'anno: "Balancing Act". Attraverso storie potenti e performance coinvolgenti, abbiamo esplorato come individui e comunità stanno navigando la ricerca di equilibrio in un mondo in rapida evoluzione.

Speaker and performer of TEDxVenezia 2024 – Balancing Act

Occupational psychologist and author

Biancamaria Cavallini

An occupational psychologist, she is a Board Member and Operations Director of Mindwork, a company that provides psychological well-being for companies. She writes periodically for Il Sole 24 Ore (AlleyOop) and is the author of “Come stanno i tuoi? Perché è importante il benessere psicologico in azienda” (Ed. Vallardi, 2022. "How Are Your People? Why psychological well-being is important in business") and “Vulnerabilità” ("Vulnerability") for the series “Voci del lavoro nuovo” (2024. "Voices of New Work".) by FrancoAngeli Editore. Since February 2023, she has been co-host of the Will Media (Chora Media) and Mindwork podcast “Troppo poco” ("Too Little") about mental health at work.
Trainer, populizer and environmental consultant

Alessandro Speccher

A trainer and environmental engineer, he has extensive experience gained nationally and internationally on the society-built-environment- environment relationship.
Engineer, data and artificial intelligence expert

Rand Nezha

Engineer, she studied software engineering in Milan where she currently lives. She has worked as an AI&Data Manager in major international tech companies leading teams of technology, Data and AI experts and helping private companies innovate their business processes. Of Syrian descent and raised in Europe, Rand is an artist and mom.
Journalist and writer

Davide Piacenza

Author, has been writing about current affairs and culture in Italian newspapers for more than a decade. He has worked in the editorial offices of Wired, Forbes and other newspapers, covering Italian politics, the United States, digital culture, books and TV series. Today he collaborates with Esquire, Snaporaz, La Stampa, and Icon. His newsletter Culture Wars chronicles and analyzes weekly instances where new codes and discourses around the politically correct reshape the world we live in. For Einaudi he published “La correzione del mondo. Cancel culture, politicamente corretto e i nuovi fantasmi della società frammentata” (2023. "The World's Correction. Cancel cultures, politically correct and the new ghosts of fragmented society".).
Athlete and yoga teacher

Susanna Petternella

She began teaching artistic gymnastics at the age of 15. Competitive aerobics world athlete and choreographer. She has been approaching holistic disciplines for over 15 years, after a long experience as a Fitness teacher.
She teaches hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, antigravity yoga, Yin Yoga.
Currently Trainer and Yoga trainer for Virgin Active Italy and at the helm of Yoga Studio Fondamenta in Venice.
Lecturer and expert on stock market and ethical finance

Ugo Biggeri

Representative for Europe of GABV (global network of sustainable banks), adjunct professor of Ethical Finance and Microcredit at the University of Florence since 2009.
With a BA and PhD in physics, an advanced degree in sustainable development (Trento) and one in business management (Bocconi), Ugo Biggeri is
among the founders of Banca Etica (of which he was president from 2010 to 2019) and Etica Sgr (of which he was president from 2011 to 2023).
He has always been committed to issues of social justice and ecology, both personally and at the family level and professionally, promoting actions and proposals for change with NGOs ManiTese, Lilliput Network and others.
He is also author of books on ethical finance, including "I soldi danno la felicità: corso semiserio di sopravvivenza finanziaria" (Chiarelettere 2020. "Money Gives Happiness: a semi-serious course in financial survival".).
Economist, feminist activist, writer

Azzurra Rinaldi

Azzurra Rinaldi teaches Political Economy at Unitelma Sapienza University of Rome, where she is also Director of the School of Gender Economics. In 2022, she founded Equonomics, a company that brings gender equity to companies and institutions. She is a consultant to the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on Femicide, as well as on all forms of gender-based violence. She is a part of the board of the European Women Association and is an honorary member of the Board of the UK Confederation. She is a Member of the Scientific Committee of Save the Children and of the ManagerItalia Tertiary Observatory. Columnist on The Turn. Her latest book is “Le signore non parlano di soldi” ("Ladies Don't Talk About Money") released by Fabbri in 2023.
Venetian creators

Niko and Teo

Niko and Teo are a couple who live in Venice and create videos for Instagram and TikTok. They're mostly known for sharing stories and curiosities about Venice in a with a genZ point of view, alongside their daily life-struggles in the island.
Associazione culturale

Mario's masks from 1700s Venice

"Mario's masks from the 1700s Venice", historical group known all over the world and ambassador for their original costumes. The group plays several dances based on the époque ones following the notes from that ages most known authors like Vivaldi, Handel, Pachelbel, Mozart, Telemann and others.

Andrea Agostini

Andrea Agostini, in arte Ago sul Filo, slackliner e funambolo di professione con oltre 10 anni di esperienza in installazioni di highline e spettacoli di equilibrismo in Italia e in tutto il mondo. La ricerca dell’estetica per le sue installazioni in paesaggi naturali, specialmente in Dolomiti, lo portano ad elevare la sua performance di equilibrismo in location uniche ed esclusive, dove bellezza e magia risuonano.

In questi anni ha camminato linee sospese fra gli affreschi di storiche ville venete, fra le montagne della Cina per la TV nazionale, sopra l’Arno di fronte a Ponte Vecchio, in cima al Moleson per le funivie svizzere, e su molte altre Piazze d’Italia.

Andrea è laureato magistrale in scienze motorie e, parallelamente all’attività artistica degli spettacoli di funambolismo, ha sempre coltivato l’insegnamento dello sport a diverse fasce d’età, anche nella scuola, concentrandosi specialmente sull’insegnamento dell’equilibrio sulla slackline.

Inoltre da più di 10 anni promuove la pratica e lo sviluppo della slackline in Italia, diventando un punto di riferimento per la bellissima community di funamboli moderni.

Compagnia di danza

Venezia Balletto

La Compagnia Venezia Balletto viene fondata nel1999 dalla ballerina e maestra di danza Sabrina Massignani e comprende al suo interno ballerini provenienti dalla sua scuola e da altre realtà professionali.

La conferenza TEDxVenezia 2024 – Balancing Act è stata condotta da

Venture storyteller

Andrea Bettini

Co-founder of Perissinotto & Bettini Associates and partner of The Human Factory.
He is the curator of the Dialoghi D'Impresa festival, creator of the personal and professional growth format titled "Da Lunedì Inizio" (Starting from Monday), and ambassador of TEDxVenezia.
He writes for Nòva Il Sole 24 Ore and has authored several books for FrancoAngeli that recount stories of Italian entrepreneurial excellence, including "We're Not Exactly Coca-Cola, but We Have a Good Story to Tell" (2015), "The Right Size" (2017), "There Is No Single Star" (2018), and "Never Stop Dreaming" (2022). He is a co-author of the volumes #NewPersonalStorytelling (2020) and "Be Kind and Have Courage" (2021).
Actor, writer, director, transfeminist activist

Giorgia Mazzucato

Actress, author, director, transfeminist activist, on tour with her monologues of social and civil interest, also known online for her satirical comic strips. She is the author of the book "Komorebi - a queer book", adapted from her successful show of the same name, she is the artistic and educational director of the SB Teatro school, and she is the voice of several podcasts, including "Conversations of Couples on the Bursting World". She is the winner of numerous awards, including "Best International Artist" at the San Diego Fringe Festival (California).

Federico Blumer

Is it possible to redesign the city from social networks? Federico Blumer, born in Milan and living in Venice since ten years is a cultural influencer and uses his social channel "Il Viaggio di Scoperta" to share and promote the town of Venice both as thinking space and myth to take inspiration from for redesigning our time.

Terminal 103 Venice

The Venice Passenger Terminal is the location that hosts TEDxVenezia and fully represents the meaning of "Balancing Act": a place in the middle for the city, between the land and the sea part, between the historic center and the suburbs; a large hangar where until a few years ago the massive tourist flows of large ships arrived and were shunted and that now must find a sense, a centering, a new balance.

We are deeply convinced this event will leave a sign on our guests' memories... but not on the planet.

That's why we're committed to make "Balancing Act" a Carbon Neutral event..


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