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Our story

TEDxVenezia is an organization active in the Venetian territory since 2019, promoting initiatives and events in the pure and unmistakable style of TED.

The ambitious journey began with TEDxMestre, which witnessed the realization of three successful editions, followed by numerous activities and side events. Starting from 2023, our project has evolved to become TEDxVenezia, extending its reach to the entire metropolitan area and even more to the entire world.

3 Main Events

The Great Milestones

Three major editions have marked our story. We started with "The Awakening",highlighting the potential of each individual as a catalyst for change, continuing with "CON-FINE", exploring this concept not as a limitation, but as a starting point. And then we explored the duality of "Apokalypsis - New Beginnings"because we believe that only when we reach the end can new and unexplored worlds be born.


Overall spectators


Views of our speeches on YouTube

Events and Initiatives

Our constant commitment

We can say with immense pride that we have livened up our territory with three major conferences and more than 30 events, including workshops, laboratories and organised projects, involving our community more and more.


Active Workshops and Laboratories


People involved in our events

Speakers and Performers

Our pillars

Behind every Talk brought on stage there are over 40 speakers and performers, both international and from the Venice area, to whom we wanted to give voice and visibility. These talented minds have shared their ideas, inspiring and challenging our audience to think outside the box.


Speakers who brought their ideas on stage


The performances and exhibitions of dance, music, theatre

The Community

The beating heart of TEDxVenice

Our success is the result of the cooperation between the team and the people who supported us, involving over 5000 members of our community. This is made up of professionals, entrepreneurs, students, companies, associations and local businesses who have contributed to our success, demonstrating how powerful the union of minds and passions can be.


Among students, experts and volunteers who help us every day to bring our events to light


Partners in the area and beyond who have chosen to support us

About TED

TED is a non-profit organization whose mission is to spread valuable ideas around the world.
TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design: it is a non-profit organization with the purpose of sharing "ideas worth spreading" where the world's leading players in "thinking" and "doing" are invited to talk about their ideas in talks of up to 18 minutes. Their talks are later made available for free online to inspire as many people as possible! TED started as a conference in California in the 1980s, and today has grown in its 'mission' through multiple initiatives to support ideas that can change the world for the better.

About TEDX

In the TED spirit of sharing valuable ideas, TEDx is a programme of local events, independently organized but with the same mission of bringing people together in experiences of entertainment, growth and sharing.
The TEDx project, set up in the spirit of sharing 'ideas worth spreading', local communities -independently- aim to provide an experience similar to that of attending a TED conference. At TEDx events, live talks, artistic performances and screenings of videos from the TEDTalks are combined to stimulate dialogue between participants and foster relationships within the small group.


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