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We believe in the unstoppable power
of ideas

We are driven by the ambition
to create change

We aspire to engage minds, move hearts
and create connections


TEDxVenezia is not just an event: it is a celebration of the human spirit.

We organize TEDxVenezia events with passion and dedication, inspired by a deep belief that the power of ideas can illuminate our world. We come together to explore, learn and ignite the flames of curiosity and creativity. In this relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation, we find unity and a common purpose. We firmly believe that change can begin with a single idea, and through TEDxVenezia events, we provide a stage for sharing these extraordinary ideas.


A team united by the passion to tell extraordinary stories

  • Professional volunteers
  • Lovers of the area and its promotion
  • Curious discovers of new ideas
  • Teamwork lovers